Temporary Homeless Housing Facility

A rendering of the site. We anticipate the community will see immediate improvements as a result of the temporary homeless housing facility.

During his annual State of the City address, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a series of incentives for council districts to build temporary homeless housing facilities across the city. With Koreatown experiencing some of the highest levels of homelessness in Council District 10, our office determined the first of these sites be located on a city-owned lot at Vermont Ave. and 7th St.

Following the site’s announcement, misinformation about the selection, administration and intent spread quickly. We hope to shed light on these areas, as well as address many of the concerns articulated to us by the community. It has always been our intention and purpose to involve the community in a public process and provide this important feedback.



The location for this facility was picked at random.

The site was selected based on data of homeless encampments in Koreatown. According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, there are approximately 400 individuals living unsheltered in Koreatown. Our office is committed to bringing resources to areas that need them most.

There are other locations in Koreatown more suitable for this facility.

The only site owned and controlled by the City of Los Angeles and available for temporary housing is 682 S. Vermont Ave. Check out our comprehensive list of all Publicly Owned Land in Koreatown.

This facility will be up indefinitely.

All “Bridge Home” facilities will be temporary and will be open for a maximum of 3 years.

This site will disrupt the surrounding community and businesses.

This housing will have 24/7 Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) presence. Additionally, we are working closely with all stakeholders to ensure the facility is administered without disruption to the surrounding area.

This is the only location being built under this new program.

A minimum of 15 temporary homeless housing facilities will be built across the city. So far, sites have been proposed in Westwood, Studio City, Chinatown, Van Nuys, Hollywood and more.

There is no legal basis for building this facility.

Nearly 80% of Angelenos supported Measure HHH, which authorized the construction of temporary housing citywide. The “Bridge Home” initiative is a result of this mandate from the voters.

The public will have no opportunities to provide feedback and input.

While the housing space has been selected, our office will work with the community to determine the specifics of its operation. The public is encouraged to speak at the Homeless and Poverty Committee meeting tentatively scheduled for May 22nd.

Some of the Koreatown homeless encampments we are working to remove through the temporary housing facility. Photos taken May 8th, 2018.