Airplane Noise and Altitudes

Our office has been working with various entities to mitigate the disturbances created by the FAA’s implementation of the NextGen program (where satellites and GPS are replacing ground-based radar to increase air-traffic efficiency). Our actions on the issue are indicated in the timeline below.

Jun 24

City Attorney Petitions FAA

The Los Angeles City Attorney petitioned the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding flight paths over Mid-City, West Adams and Central Los Angeles. You can see the press release here, and the petition is here.
Jan 17

FAA Responds to Collective Mitigation Request

Several Councilmembers, including myself, collectively wrote to the FAA requesting mitigation on the North Downwind Arrival since implementation of the NextGen Metroplex. You can see their favorable response in the letter found here.

Oct 09

City Attorney Meeting with the FAA

The Office of the L.A. City Attorney has met with the FAA and will be doing so again later this month. Requests sent to the FAA can be seen in the letter here, which was also signed by myself and fellow councilmembers.
Aug 28

Environmental Review of Flight Path Changes (Burbank)

The FAA recently proposed procedures that would substantially shift the concentration of southbound departures from the Hollywood Burbank Airport over the neighborhoods of Studio City and Sherman Oaks. Read the joint letter requesting a proper environmental review of the flight path changes from the City Attorney and Councilmember Paul Krekorian here.



Jul 24

City Attorney’s Toll Agreement

The City Attorney’s Office shared with us that they have entered into an agreement to Toll the Statue of Limitations with the FAA in regards to the published procedures at the Waypoint GADDO. You can find the agreement here.

Jun 06

FAA Liaison Request

Our office continues to support the efforts of our federal representatives. Read the letter from CEO of Los Angeles World Airport Deborah Flint requesting a direct FAA liaison for LAWA, the LAX Roundtable and elected officials.
Apr 02

City of Los Angeles Amicus Brief

We worked closely with our City Attorney’s office to file an amicus brief for the Federal Aviation Administration and ensure it reflected the concerns of our city’s residents. In summary, the City of Los Angeles supported the Petitioner’s request for a remand of the FAA Southern California Metroplex project Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact. Remand is required in order for the FAA to comply with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements and to evaluate changes to reduce environmental impacts. Read the brief here.

Mar 05

Letter to FAA Acting Administrator Daniel Elwell

We joined City Attorney Michael Feuer, Councilmember Bonin and Councilmember Harris-Dawson in formally requesting a meeting with the FAA, copies of any pertinent documents and to join discussion between the FAA and Culver City regarding flight path and altitude issues. Read the letter here.

Jan 10

LAX / Community Noise Round Table Meeting

Received the December/January report from the LAX Metroplex-Wide Area Ad Hoc Committee at the LAX / Community Noise Round Table meeting. Of importance are the dismal altitude trends for DAJHR & GADDO and communications issues with the FAA. Read the report here.

Jan 09

Over-Ocean Operations Report

We are compiling a report for all of the deviations of Over-Ocean Operations in 2017 and will be sharing this in a meeting with Los Angeles World Airports.

Dec 04

LAX Round Table

Our office was present at the LAX Round Table Ad Hoc committee.

Nov 29

Meeting with City Attorney

CD10 met with the City Attorney’s office. As a result of that meeting, we are continuing to work with them and will be able to share more info soon.

Nov 07

Senator Feinstein Letter to the FAA

After working with our Federal representatives and various meetings with Senator Dianne Feinstein, we begin seeing action for our constituents. Read the letter letter here.


Oct 05

Received Data from LAWA

Received altitude data from LAWA for night-time hours (10 P.M. to 7 A.M.). We will be sharing this data with the LAX/Community Noise Roundtable and our constituents.

Oct 02

CD10 & CD8 Joint Letter to FAA

Joint letter from Council President Herb Wesson (CD10), Council Member Marqueece Harris-Dawson (CD8) and Council Member Mike Bonin (CD11) to FAA Administrator Huerta requesting accelerated implementation and adherence to FAA’s mandated requirement to the altitude restrictions at DAHJR and (soon) to be implemented GADDO.

Sep 25

CD10 Comments to FAA

CD10 commented to the FAA directly on the IFP Gateway in regards to MIN Alt for GADDO at 6,000 feet (HUULL, IRNMN, RYDRR).

Sep 20

CD10 Attends LAX Roundtable

CD10 attended the special LAX/Community Roundtable meeting to provide our support for the implementation of the FAA mandated altitude restriction at GADDO to 6,000 Min Alt and to change the Min Alt to “at and above” instead of “at.”

Aug 31

Altitude Refinement

Requested further altitude data refinement based on previous data BUT broken down specifically to night time hours of 10 P.M. to 7 A.M.

Aug 30

Community Roundtable

CD10 requested the assistance of LAWA to facilitate representatives from the SFO Roundtable to present to the LAX/Community Noise Roundtable and be available at the September meeting.

Aug 22

Meeting with Sen. Feinstein

Both, my office and Congresswoman Karen Bass, met with Feinstein’s Office. It was there we requested the following:

  • Arrange for relevant deputies of our Regional Congressional delegation to receive a briefing from the Congressional deputies of the SF Bay Area who were successful in their work with the FAA
  • Impress on the FAA to require observance of existing Minimum Altitude restriction by Air Traffic Control (ATC) and airline pilots, especially during late night and early morning hours when the effects of noise are magnified and decreased air traffic (hence no justification for lowered altitudes)
  • The FAA increase the altitude minimum at the DAHJR waypoint to 8,000 feet