Airplane Noise and Altitudes

Our office has been working with various entities to mitigate the disturbances created by the FAA’s implementation of the NextGen program (where satellites and GPS are replacing ground-based radar to increase air-traffic efficiency). Our actions on the issue are indicated in the timeline below.

Aug 14

Refined Altitude Data from LAWA

CD10 received the refined altitude data from LAWA. From this data, it was determined that 67% of flights where flying below the FAA mandated minimum altitude of 6,000 feet at the DAHJR waypoint. We shared this information with our constituents and the LAX/Community Air Noise Roundtable.

Jul 21

Senator Feinstein Letter

CD10 sent a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein seeking legislation providing relief on behalf of our constituents’ concerns and the impact that NextGen is having on their lives.

Jun 21

CD-10 LAWA Meeting

Our office met with LAWA where the original altitude data request was presented. Based on the presentation, I requested further refinement to isolate the findings.

May 30

CD10 Meets with the L.A. City Attorney

CD10 met with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, which extensively reviewed the Culver City lawsuit. With the LA City Attorney’s Office, we continue to explore legal options that may mitigate the negative impacts being experienced by our constituents.

May 25

Staff LAWA Meeting

My staff and I met with Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) General Manager, Deborah Flint and her team where it was confirmed that our direction was to work at the federal level. CD10 requested access to LAWA’s altitude data. LAWA agreed to have their consultants prepare an exhaustive altitude report to determine altitudes of aircraft before and after implantation of the FAA’s NextGen program.