#SheDoes Haven Bridge Home Opens for Women in Councilmember Wesson’s District Parking Lot

#SheDoes Haven Bridge Home Opens for Women in Councilmember Wesson’s District Parking Lot

#SheDoes Haven Bridge Home Opens for Women in Councilmember Wesson’s District Parking Lot

LOS ANGELES – Councilmember Herb J. Wesson, Jr. and Mayor Eric Garcetti officially opened #SheDoes Haven in Councilmember Wesson’s District Office parking lot on Thursday morning. The Bridge Home will house women experiencing homelessness in the 10th Council District, and include space for pets.

“When I first proposed this location, I felt that if we as leaders were going to ask our residents to make space in their communities for our unhoused neighbors, I should lead by example,” said Councilmember Wesson. “This parking lot is not across the street or next door, but in the parking lot of my District Office where I spend 10-12 hours every day. It is the responsibility of all of us to get people off the streets and into secure housing. It requires us to find our inner angels and provide these spaces for those to have a second chance.”

“Ending homelessness in Los Angeles is the moral and humanitarian challenge of our time –– and it demands every ounce of our creativity, ingenuity, and drive,” said Mayor Garcetti. “By leveraging the power of modular design and using shipping container materials, we are opening a new chapter for innovative housing solutions in our city, and providing hope and healing to Angelenos who are most in need.”

According to Mayor Garcetti’s website, bridge housing is a model of temporary housing that has service-enriched programs aimed to quickly bring homeless Angelenos off the streets and help them rebuild their lives. Bridge housing offers 24/7 security and on-site services like case management, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and housing placement to help residents stabilize their lives, move on to permanent housing, and stay off the streets for good.

#SheDoes Haven will be operated by 1736 Family Crisis Center, a Los Angeles nonprofit shelter and outpatient services for domestic violence survivors, runaway and homeless youth, low-income people, persons in crisis. The Bridge Home, built by an innovative design of shipping containers, will serve 15  people and includes beds, meals, a pet care area, and office space for residents to meet with counselors and other supportive staff.

“1736 Family Crisis Center is honored to partner with Mayor Garcetti and Councilmember Wesson on this important Bridge Home initiative,” said Carol Adelkoff, CEO and Executive Director of 1736 Family Crisis Center. “We have been committed to helping those experiencing homelessness build a better future since our founding in 1972. Our agency provides comprehensive supportive services to community members overcoming crisis situations, empowering those in need to achieve their goals for long-term housing, financial stability, and success. We are thrilled that the women at #SheDoes Haven will be able to access the Center’s wide range of support, including case management, mental health care, legal aid, and employment assistance, and we look forward to continuing to work with the City to ensure that every unsheltered Angeleno finds a safe and permanent home.”

#SheDoes Haven was named after the #SheDoes Movement created in 2018 by Mel Tillekeratne. The #SheDoes Movement was created to bring awareness and resources to the thousands of women experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles and is involved in bringing community support to Supportive Housing, Affordable Housing and Bridge Shelters being built throughout the county.

The #SheDoes Haven bridge home won the support of neighborhood groups including the United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council, MacArthur Park Neighborhood Council, Rampart Neighborhood Council, Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council, Wilshire Center Business Improvement District, Hearth of Los Angeles (HOLA), United Way, Latino Coalition of LA, KTown for All, and more.

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